Sargon of Akkad, even known as Sargon the Great (Akkadian Å arru-kinu, suggesting "the real master" or "the master is genuine"), was an Akkadian master well-known for his conquest of the Sumerian city-states in the 24th as well as 23rd centuries BC. The originator of the Dynasty of Akkad, Sargon reigned for 56 years, c. 2333-- 2279 BC (brief chronology). He became a prominent associate of the royal court of Kish, inevitably overthrowing its master just before commencing the conquest of Mesopotamia. Sargon's huge empire is known to have indeed expanded from Elam to the Mediterranean marine, consisting of Mesopotamia, elements of modern-day Iran and Syria, and also potentially parts of Anatolia and the Arabian cape. He led from an all new resources, Akkad (Agade), which the Sumerian master list claims he built (or potentially repaired), on the left bank of the Euphrates.

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